Member Benefits


  • A Secretary/Group Training Advisor specific to Group companies.
  • Networking between other employers in the area; e.g. joint tendering for larger contracts.
  • Sharing best practices with other employers.
  • Establish local links with Federations, Confederations, Tecs, Learning Councils, WDA etc.
  • Provide communication and training links with Schools, Colleges, Training Centres etc.
  • Supporting the Curriculum Initiative projects.


  • Promote any quality standards, e.g. Investors in People & ISO standards.
  • Have a working Business Plan.
  • Raise awareness of Equal Opportunity requirements.
  • Utilise CITB Direct Training Unit, and other local Grant approved training providers.
  • Promote CITB and H.S.E publications, videos, training packs, safety packs, etc. as aids to support good Health & Safety practice within industry.


  • Provide Management/Supervisory training.
  • Provide Management/Supervisory training external of the Group on a partnership basis.
  • Be a Catalyst for Health & Safety training within and external to Group Members.
  • Recruit apprentices with Group companies.
  • Market/Promote On Site Assessment and Training.
  • Support all certification schemes, CSCS, CTA, Scaffold etc.
  • Ensure access to CITB grants and other financial support such as ESF funding.
  • All training is carried out by Approved Training Organisations.


  • Identifying Training needs for Group members.
  • Formulating Training plans.
  • Arranging courses (Partnerships with providers).
  • Evaluating Training.
  • Induction and Refresher Training as appropriate.
  • Subsidising many courses 


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