The Construction Apprenticeship Scheme provides you with:

  • A long term commitment to employment and training.
  • An apprenticeship, usually for a three year period.
  • Employment.
  • A structured training programme which works towards the recognised National Vocational qualification (NVQ) in your chosen occupation.
  • An Apprenticeship Agreement, which forrns the `contract’ of your apprenticeship and is signed by your employer, your parent or guardian and yourself.

You know exactly where you stand with regard to training, qualifications and employment from the beginning of your apprenticeship.

The Construction Apprenticeship Scheme is open to all young people from the age of 16 and complements the National Traineeship and Modern Apprenticeship Schemes.

CITB welcomes applications for training from all eligible young people regardless of sex, race, disability or irrelevant offending background.

Apply here to become a CITB Apprentice.

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