Group Meetings

The main objective of Glamorgan Construction Training Group is to aid and assist member companies to evolve and maintain their organisations at a level of competence matching that of national service providers.

This is targeted through the identification of training requirements, establishment of an appropriate training schedule and provision of a support service for all group members primarily focusing on the provision of local training and development courses.

Emphasis will be placed on business development activities, with the intention of enabling group members to compete in procurement processes and frameworks. The group will develop a culture of training in the workplace, safeguarding learners and supporting all group members in the workplace.

Objectives of the Group

  • To serve and promote the interests of the construction industry at a local level.
  • To provide a forum within which training and development can be discussed, developed and implemented to the quality and quantity required by the local industry.
  • Maintain effective communications with Association members in the way most appropriate to the individual member needs to promote training and development.
  • Maintain effective contact and influence with appropriate external bodies that have a direct impact on Association activity.
  • Where possible provide members with a cost effective training brokerage network.